The Dawn of Affordable Quality Android Phones

I’ve always had a weird reaction to cheap Android phones. The high end phones were priced about the same as Apple’s iPhones (even if arguably with better specs on paper). But the cheap phones were awful. Low memory, bad screens, slow processors, Android that is two versions behind.

However, recently affordable Android phones have really been appealing. I attributed this to many developing countries adopting mobile platforms and not being able to afford the unsubsidized prices of $700 phones.

Check out this list of great phones! All of these run the newest version of Android and are compelling feature wise – not just simple also-made phones.

Moto E - $149

Lenovo A7000 - $169

Alcatel Idol 3 -$200

Xiaomi Mi Note – $370

iPad Future

iPad sales have been down lately. And not just lately, but its a downward trend for sometime. Simply making the iPad thinner isn’t going to bump sales.

The common story is that everyone’s iPad 2 serves them just fine and the new ones don’t offer any features they desire.

Remember those rumors about dual screen capability on the iPad? I cannot wait for this to happen. There are so many instances where I am streaming a video on Netflix, but also need to draft a quick email response.

This is a feature that people could get on board with. It would help make the iPad more useful. And for the processing power required to run two apps smoothly at once – Apple could require newer hardware. This would encourage new iPad adoption.

iPhone Announcement Predictions

My predictions for the big announcement tomorrow from Apple:

  • New iPhone
    • 4.7 inch
    • No 5.5 inch
    • bigger capacity (smallest is 32GB)
  • New “iWatch” device
    • Won’t be a watch, but a “wearable” that manufacturers can design straps”holsters” for like cases for the iPhone
  • New Apple TV
    • Everyone has forgotten about the rumors for this since the iWatch has taken over. But supplies of the Apple TV have dwindled, and its due for an upgrade.
  • New iPads
    • I know this is a bit out of place, but I think they are going to quietly update these. I saw the old iPad mini was on a $100 discount at my local Best Buy this weekend, like they were clearing inventory. That’s typically a sign.

Google is turning into Microsoft

“Or to simplify things (!!!): you’ll have Google Play, the online store with apps, movies, TV, music, books and NewsStand; Google Play Music for downloads you purchase; Google Play Music Key for on-demand streaming; and now YouTube Music Key for on-demand, streaming of stuff from YouTube.

Apparently, just calling the whole thing “Google Music” was not considered?”

-TechCrunch on Google’s new YouTube based music service.

Reminds me of this old gem:


Dating and Choice Paralysis

The internet has enabled us to connect with scores of people across the globe that we couldn’t have dreamed of contacting before the mid 1990s. So, with the ability to interact with so many others, why is dating still so hard? Shouldn’t we be able to find our perfect match?

My Grandparents were married over 70 years. They died together in their 90s. Chances are your grandparents have a similar story. Why did this bond last? Were they especially lucky? Did they search for their soulmate far and wide? 

No. Quite the opposite. Two generations back, people largely didn’t have the ability to look much further than their own towns to find a mate. Travel was expensive, and even communicating wasn’t realistic. 

So, your Grandmother looked around her town at the 10-20 eligible men around her age. She discarded the options that were not attractive – he’s a drunk, this guy is just unattractive – and picked the best available to her. It was a manageable selection.

Now, we have access to almost literally everyone on the internet. We get on Match/OKCupid/Tinder and have literally thousands of people at our fingertips to pick from. The thinking then goes – certainly our perfect match is out there. We should be able to find the other half of our soul that fills us with a burning passion while also sharing every single one of our beliefs. If someone isn’t exactly perfect, they are easily discarded, because there are so many other options available. One of them must be the one.

Which of those two scenarios is crazier? As an analogy, there is a concept called “Choice Paralysis”. The idea is that we are okay at comparing a few things and making a decision about what would make us happier. If we need to choose between three detergents – perhaps a scented, non-scented, and one with fabric softener included – we can make a decision about which we would most like.

Most of us assume more choice is better. So keep adding scents and options. However, at some point we tip the scale and become less satisfied. With too many choices, we get overwhelmed. We can’t spend our whole lives comparing detergents. So, we pick one, but if we aren’t completely satisfied we think there was probably an option that was better, still on the shelf. Even if we are satisfied, we can’t help but think there was a better option we overlooked – one that was cheaper or smelled better for example. Sound familiar?


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