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I’ve written about this before– but no one read anything I said before (thats not to say anyone pays any attention now either). Evite is weak. But everyone knows about it and it’s easy to use. There are great alternatives out there, but no one knows about them. Two I think should be given another chance are:

  • Phonevite – I LOVE this. You record your invite on the website or through your phone by calling a 1-800 number. Then you put in your friends numbers, and the site auto dials all of your friends and plays the message. What if your friends don’t pick up strange 800 numbers? You can have the site use your number on the caller ID when the invite calls go out. I think this is so much more personal than a static evite page.
  • Socializr – This is very much like evite, but without all the ads- and much more detail. Go give it a once over.
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7 thoughts on “Evite Alternatives”

  1. Heya Jonathan,

    Thanks for covering Socializr in your blog. We are aiming to be the best site out there for creating online invitations and sharing events with your friends.

    Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

    Party on,

  2. We just launched a site called BRADvite. We’re still new, and open to feedback. We tried to focus on having quality images instead of clip art, and not annoying people by making them leave their inbox. Let us know what you think.


  3. Evite is terrible.

    It has so many bugs that when I sent out a message to a personal friend, it hit EVERY other invitee.

    Can you imagine that? How embarrassing.

    When I complained, they ignored my email.

    Even their ‘corporate’ number is bogus. No one answers.

    Evite is horrible, horrible, horrible.

  4. Hi Jonathan
    Thanks for writing about this. Indeed, there are some good new alternatives to evite that are starting to crop up – I hope you’ll take a look at ours: http://www.boomguest.com
    Our focus is simplicity and ease of use. No fancy graphics, no fla-fla, it’s designed to be fast and efficient, for people who hate wasting time on cluttered webpages.

  5. We just got engaged this weekend and we were so happy to send out an evite to friends for our engagement party. Then we sent it out. We had changed the date prior to sending out the evite and it’s been a nightmare to deal with. Our friends were confused because evite showed two dates and then after a few days stopped letting guests reply because of the original date we put in came earlier then the actual party. ARG!

    Even though everyone I know uses evite I’m jumping ship to never use it again! I’m switching to socializr. Thanks so much for the info!!!

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