Birthday Wishes

Hey Guys. Thanks so much for the birthday notes and messages. I wanted to share with you how much your notes meant to me.

I woke up.

alarm clock smash








But then I remembered it was my Birthday!

celebrate pitt

happy birthday kid

yes jonah hill

yes napoleon dynamite













And then the facebook notices and texts and emails started coming in….










and at first I was all cheers congrats gatsby

cheers - seinfeld











So, I went to work.

looking good 500 days






but then the texts just kept coming

texting munn







and I was all

frustrated gosling

cant take anymore










and the whole time at I work I was thinking

i love my job






Until eventually I just

how to get out of here








But then I realized some of my friends had forgotten my birthday!

angry best friend hills







So I decided.

friendship over







But really I was







However, I rallied.

get a drink







So I got my swag on, and got ready to go out

try to look cool MIB






But still the texts and tweets kept coming!

focused texting






And at this point I was just







But we finally arrived.

fuck shit up alcohol - mean girls celebrate snoop

















And all was cool until my family called to wish me happy birthday

angry phone call






But I handled it like a pro. And then a lady caught my eye.

gosling wink







And I felt like I was doing this

gentleman duff








but I was really more like this

we are gonna bang






She wasn’t having it.

not interested








Don’t feel bad though. I was ok with it.

sorry not sorry







Now, admittedly, at this points it gets kind of fuzzy.

no way to tell where going willy wonka








But somehow I got home. And you know what was waiting for me? MORE birthday wishes. and my immediate reaction was









but then I realized I should be happy I have such great friends.

feelings mean girls dont hate 10 things













So I had some cake, and went to bed.

eat smile garfield_faceplant
















And this morning I woke up, and pieced together last night. (Sorry if drunk texted you)

what franco stupid jonathan







and then I realized today was a Thursday.






Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

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